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Summer Plants and BBQs

Although the weather last week has had a slight turn for the worse it's so lovely to see all the summer plants arriving in our Whitchurch shop. I'm standing here now watching the tall spikes of Lupins tower into the air, the trails of the climbing Clematis flow in the wind. Although the Gazinia flowers are closed they will be out showing off all the colour when the sun shines. We also have the scent of Lavender, and all the bright colours that Geraniums come in. One of my favourite plants is the Primula (Vialii) red hot poker. It has a clump of short slim green foliage then long slim spikes of bright red/pink flowers at the end they flower all summer and come back year after year.
So....... It may be changeable outside but summer will be here soon and your gardens need to be full of colour, scent and texture and of course some twinkling tea lights. Enjoy!

Posted by: Gregor Cuthbertson

Date/Time: 07/06/2016 05:15:10

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