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"I'd love to be a florist!!"

Of course i'm not talking about me :-)

Florists hear this all the time, at wedding fayres, delivering flowers to customers' doors and customers coming into the shop. "Oh you have such a wonderful job I've always wanted to be a florist".

Oh yes don't get me wrong I love my job and yes working with beautiful flowers everyday is wonderful.

But...... It's not all roses. I probably spend 50% of my week actually working with flowers. I first must speak to my customers, getting their ideas and vision whether it's for a funeral, wedding or an event.

I then need to work out costings and then send quotes when dealing with weddings. I need to order my flowers and liasee with my suppliers (this can be fresh flower and/or sundries).

We get a delivery of flowers nearly every day but before we can actually start creating displays we need to clean stands, buckets and vases. I love a shiny glass vase (with no water marks)

Then you need to cut and take the leaves off to then place in water, this is known as 'conditioning'.

Ok so I have touched a flower now but I haven't actually made anything yet.

Luckily I have Nic to do all my VAT, wages and all the horrible office stuff which I must add is extremely important (but boring) but when you're creative it doesn't really come naturally to pour over pages of numbers.

So when I hear "I'd love to be a florist" I'd like to say it's not all about the flowers. There's so much more to do. But I do love it.

Hope to see you soon x

Posted by: Gregor Cuthbertson

Date/Time: 16/06/2016 02:24:00

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